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calm to just a few miles per hour in the south bay. they've even calm down up at napa where they've been gusting up to 25 miles per hour. wind advisories posted for parts of the north bay. is this low pressure trough moves in, we keep temperatures chilly around the bay area today. plenty of sun but just a little bit on the cool side. later in the week, a mild start to the week and then another patch of cool weather on the way for the bay area. doesn't look like we get anything from that. look at ocean beach. sunny and brisk start to the day. a mild week and then some causes spike is a. 72 at sacramento, 68 fresno, and 44 degrees at yosemite. today mostly cooler than average. livermore a couple degrees back of where we should be. down to the south bay, mid 60s will do it. for the most part. out on a spate, brentwood 69, 67 fairfield, 67 degrees at napa. 67 at petaluma. 60 in daly city. here in the city, 62 degrees. up in the finals looking for temperatures to be nice and mild. near 70 degrees at cloverdale. 65 degrees by clearlake. extended forecast, looking for some sunshine for
for livermoore and 69 for pleasanton. pleasant hill 69 and 67, napa. nice wine country. 66 at roanoke park and 67 degrees at bodega bay. far north, looks nice and some sunshine and mid-60s. >> and thursday, friday, and saturday and looks like there is not a drop of rain in site. >> it's going to continue to stay that way. >> a new contract approved by hundreds of b.a.r.t. workers gave a 15% raise over four years. they have to contribute to -- contribute to the healthcare cost yes and this morning -- morning, sat with zachary. is this deal good for the transit agency itself? >> it's a big improvement from last negotiations. and a turn of the votes and we -- it's an improvement and it's less than we could have got. >> and what do you see as lacking in this contract? >> i think the negotiations strategy resulted to us and it resulted in us putting forth a sweeter deal than we needed to. yo it was. $30million more than you originally estimated. >> uh-huh. >> and 10 million more in the final days. one of the questions our average writer is where is the money go to come from? yo that is hard to say. we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2